Bring me, bring me, bring me...
Bring me, bring me, bring me, bring me...
If I only could invent my dreams,
reality would turn to upon your sceeme.
And I know it wouldn't hurt anyone,
it would even bring a diplomate
to shine like the sun.

Bring me a magician.
I know that he can do it for me.
Bring me a magician.
I don't think he would screw it for me.
Oh yeah.

Close my eyes and come to dream
and then I open them again
and hold this wild in me.
It makes me sad when I face this scene,
'cause it's never standing by
and it makes me scream.

Bring me...

People around me say I'm out of my mind,
just wont believe what the hell
when they can see a sign.
And when I hear them laughing,
it doesn't matter to me 'cause I say:
watch out creatures,
here comes reality!

Bring me...

Bring me, bring me, bring me...

© Papa Records

Singeln "Bring me a magician" kom 1984 och finns även med på samlingsskivan "Flashback #02" från 1995. Längst ner i det högra hörnet på singelomslaget står det "It would even bring a diplomat to shine like the sun".

B-sida: The dirty clown (5:58)

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